360 Tours for Office Space and Commercial Lettings

Showcase your office space or commercial premises with a 360 virtual tour. Using 360 technology on your website is a fantastic way to engage prospective tenants. It provides a real-life, on demand experience from the comfort of a device screen. Whether you lease a space with or without an existing layout, a virtual tour grants the potential tenants a thorough understanding of the establishment. A TD360 virtual tour is an innovative marketing tool and includes custom branding to fit within your website, elevating your company against competition.

Office Virtual Tour

Benefits of Using a 360 Tour for Leased Office Space:

Sales Tool

Engagement through a 360 tour plays a big part the decision making process of potential enterprises looking to rent the space, and fundamentally helps to increase lettings. With an interactive walkthrough prospects are able to easily visualise and reference the space.

It also means that companies renting the establishment can virtually plan an office layout, for example. It provides the opportunity for them to thoroughly understand the space and the options available in how to use it.

Reach a Larger Target Market

The fact that a 360 tour is fully experienced from any device means that anyone in the country, even the world, can have access to it. Therefore, landlords have the potential to reach and engage with a larger target market. 

Save Time and Travel

Since the tour is accessed virtually and on demand from any device, both you and your prospects are saved from finding a time to meet and tour the office space. A virtual tour allows potential leaseholders to virtually explore the property at a time that suits them, as many times as they like. The opportunity to have this flexibility is especially useful for possible renters coming from out of town, given that they’re able to experience the space without having to travel. 

Bespoke Branding 

We understand how important standing out from the crowd is so, with a strong focus on design and aesthetic, TD360 offers a unique service by adding your company’s branding to the tour. This can be in the form of a colour scheme, embedded logos, and more. A custom aspect like this elevates the tour to the next level and means that it fits perfectly within your website. 

Moreover, to showcase the office or commercial space in its best light our tours and can include embedded annotations, such as hotspots and info pop-ups, to highlight key features of the premises.

Device Friendly

Our virtual tours are optimally designed to be compatible on every type of device. This includes a phone, tablet, laptop and desktop computer. For an even more bespoke and immersive experience the tours can be viewed in Virtual Reality by means of VR headsets.

View this video below to learn more:

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We love to hear from you! If you rent out an office or commercial space, want to stand out from the competition, and would like to chat about adding a bespoke 360 tour to your website, then you can get in touch with Managing Director, Tom Dale.